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Regulator servicing

Oceaneric services most brands of regulator.

Regulators need to be serviced every year or after 100 dives.

We will put the regulators on our flow bench to assess any immediate faults, such as leaks or irregular interstage pressure. We will disassemble the first and second stages, and clean all metal parts in an ultrasonic bath with an approved solution.

We clean the plastic parts with water and detergent. Once dried, we inspect the components and rebuild using new seals and seats. . We only use recommended parts. Once assembled, we set up the regulator as per the manufacturers recommendations and give it a final test.

Oceaneric strongly advise to bring the whole unit (not just the first or the second stage) to be serviced. As they will be used in conjunction with each other, it makes sense to set these up as a unit.

Duration: it will normally take us around 5 to 10 days to service your regulators, though this may take longer if we need to replace parts that we do not have in stock.

Costs: see Oceaneric’s price list

See the video below for a look what’s inside your regulator first stage.