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Oceaneric’s price list ~ 2017

Regulator/BCD servicing Price
1st stage and primary regulator €35.00 (excl. service kits)
2nd stage regulator/octopus €15.00 (excl. service kits)
BCD service including inflator €27.00 (excl. service kits)

Dive computer servicing Price
Computer battery change and pressure test €26.00 (incl. service kit)

Dive suit repairs (excl. seals) Price
Drysuit leak test €18.00
Replace latex cuff seal €25.00
Replace latex cuff seals pair €45.00
Replace latex neck seal €45.00
Replace dryzip POA
Other repairs: labour charge per hour €35.00

Seals Price
Neck seals €15.00 each
Neck seals - heavy duty (or DD) €22.00 each
Wrist seals €8.00 per pair
Wrist seals - heavy duty €11.00 per pair
Ankle seals €15.00 per pair
Double dip manchette wrist seal €12.00 per pair

Cylinder Price
Cylinder & valve clean for oxygen service €35.00 (excl. parts)

Priority work

Oceaneric understands that sometimes things break at the wrong moment. We can repair your equipment at short notice with the same attention to detail. We impose a surcharge of €20.00, obviously this is only charged if we manage to repair your material within the agreed time frame.