Diving services

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Oceaneric can assist and advise on your marine and diving requirements.

  • Media Support: we act as safety divers and advisers for in-water filming and work in close proximity to water. Covering aspects such as possible underwater hazards, water conditions and the preparation of risk assessments for your staff. Customers include the Netherlands Film Institute.
  • Standby diver: if you have a water based event, we can provide diver safety cover and advice on safety.
  • Inspection and salvage: clearing fouled boat propellers, inspection after grounding and collision, checking sacrificial anodes. Including moorings, jetties and underwater objects. Depending on water conditions, this can also include a video survey.
  • Search and recovery: locating and retrieving lost items, from spectacles to outboard engines.
  • Support scientific diving: assisting university and scientific dive teams with appropriate equipment selection and support under water.
  • Instruction: teaching from all levels, from an introductory dive in the pool through to Open Water all the way to Divemaster, in conjunction with a local PADI facility in Amsterdam.

Open water students